About Us

Nehemiah House of Refuge (NHR) agency is committed to improving the quality life of men. We are collaborating with various non-profit sectors and the faith-based communities utilizing their resources. To responds to the emergency and long-term needs of the disadvantage, veterans and homeless men through an array of services designed to relieve the crises associated with destruction and facilitate the transition to and accomplishment of self-sufficiency. NHR has carefully constructed a continuum of care for its clients; a series of inextricably linked programs which encompass case management, assist with pre-employment, health and awareness, education and training, and referral services. Our agency is non-profit, but offers programs to help our clients to develop the tools and skills need to re-enter the workforce with a fresh new start.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to equip, cultivate and educate disadvantaged, homeless, veteran and ex-offender males' (18-55 years of age) to be familiar with the benefits available to them. Overall, our primary goal is to simply help under-served men overcome the multiplicity of challenges with keep them from experiencing maximum success in their lives. (Fatherhood, Manhood and Community)

Vision Statement

Our primary focus is to build positive reinforcement, trust-building, and to develop short and long term goals to enrich their lives!

Core Values

Our clients are at the center of everything we do, and services and business processes must be tuned to their needs. Every action we take must be aimed at doing the best job for our clients - both external and internal - and we must listen to our clients and champion their interests at every moment.