Message from the Director


Dear Valued Clients/Supporters:

It is a privilege and honour as Executive Director "Nehemiah House of Refuge" to have a devoted staff with willingness to serve our clients every day. Everything we are and all that we do in serving our clients is accomplished with assistance of our staff. Whether on the “front line” serving clients, (i.e. Pre-Employment & Training, Referral Service, Case Management which could be either one- on-one or group discussions; Health Education & Awareness and Life-Skills Development) or in simply providing supporting roles (such as sharing resource information and/or making referrals), we are only as good as our staff. The key to our achievements and what makes our agency a success is the people we hire, train and retain.

The HEART of our agency is "Desirable Change Program", which give us an opportunity to assist/serve the under-privileged male population in Central Ohio. The program offer an array of programs and services to cultivate men to become self assure, self confidence, and self discipline.Overall, our primary goal is to simply help under-served men overcome the multiplicity of challenges which keep them from experiencing maximum success in their lives. Therefore, the variety of services offer will provide men with the tools to progressively move forward in positive directions.

NHR staff and supporters like you have encompass opportunities to help the under-privileged veterans and the ex-offenders better their lives, or simply offer compassion and friendship. We can be the bright part of someone's day, week, or life as we continue to help make a differences. Furthermore, we all have the power to help others regardless of our titles, financial position or time constraints. We all have many opportunities each day to help one another. The good news is that to make a difference in these men's lives you only need to do two simple things:

1. Decide to get involved

2. Get involved 

I challenge you to make a commitment by the end of the day to get involved in something that give you unlimited fulfillment. At "Nehemiah House of Refuge";  we appreciate  any and all involvement. Whether, it's a phone call, a donation, or finding out about volunteer opportunities. Let's get started! Getting started could be the most important part in your life. Who knows where it may lead?

Meanwhile, we are like others social service agencies and supportive service providers who are constantly revising our programs to respond to the needs of our clients. We are grateful you have given us the opportunity to serve you as a client and friend. Please do not hesitate to contact our agency at 614-824-1338 or contact us & fill out our contact form This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further assistance.


Terry D. Byrd
Executive Director