Desirable Change Programs


Pre-Employment & Training

To offer participants the ability receive ongoing assistance to help address the barriers which impact disadvantage males from becoming self sufficient in the workforce and their community. These services are professional, flexible, and sensitive to the participant's circumstances and background. The services are also tailored to fit the particular needs of both the participant and local services available in the community.


Community Referral Services

We work with a variety of non-profit agencies and educational institutions to use their services to inform and educate our clients on the services and benifits available to them. Clients are provided with resources on housing and employment; opportunities workforce readiness and/or hands-on vocational training; and information on available community health care/social services. Participants have access to our Employers Database, Community Resources Directory, computer access to seek employement and Ohio Benefit Bank (OBB) services offer.


Case Management

Is an integral part in our counseling, coaching and support process. Our support group is especially effective with men lacking impulse control and the ability to stay on task. Being placed into support groups males are taught self control, self discipline and the tools to build sound character. Our support groups help men develop strategies designed to teach them about conquering negative thoughts, which lead to low self esteem and destruction. Furthermore, support groups help men take full responsibilities for their actions, accountabllity for personal choices and demonstrate a more positive consistency in behaviours and attitudes.


Health Education and Awareness

To prepare and provide men with the knowledge and personal skills needed to make informed and healthy choices. To provide heightened awareness among lower income males to preventable health problems and to encourage screening, treatment and education for early detection. To offer and provide workshops, seminars, and healthcare professional to speak among participants to help them make healthy decision, services and benefits, and the support social emotional wellbeing. Furthermore, to offer men an opportunity to come together to share concerns and questions pertaining to their social emotional health and wellbeing.


Life-Skills Development

To increase client knowledge and ability in having skills necessary for everyday living. We all need healthy coping skills which assist and enable us to deal effectively with life’s many changes. Life skills help adults become independent people who can live on their own without constant help from others for their basic needs.It takes more than just job skills and education to make a successful and permanent move beyond homelessness and self reliance. Skills such as time management, problem solving, teamwork, effective communication, organization, and conflict resolution are also necessary to achieve success in the job market.