Employment Program

The "Employability Employment Program" is to bridge the gap between Nehemiah House clients and local employers and training sites, to assist men facing barriers for employment develop the board range of skills, knowledge and work experience they need to participate in the job market. After completion of the "3 Day Pre-Employment Workshop" or “Career Development Training Course” clients are able to participate in the program. Furthermore, the program offers a wide range of activities that can be tailored to meet individuals needs and provide more intensive assistance over longer periods of time.

The EEP Program is designed to respond to the individual needs of men facing barriers to employment. During the client intake/assessment process, employability skills, issues and needs are identified, as well as employment goals. Men will develop an employment action plan with the assistance of a job coach and the Employability Advisory. Men's benefit from this "Employabiliy Employment Program" and the ongoing support that helps them to successfully complete activities and, ultimately, find and keep a job.

Nehemiah House of Refuge has created database with more than 100 local employers regarding what their most prominent needs were. Time and again the feed included the need for work-ready personnel. Employers expert to provide the training needed to execute the specific tasks of the job. What they identified as missing were the soft skills: properly filled out the applications, sound interviewing skills, appropriate professional attire, punctuality and adherence of company rules. Sound familiar?

Eligible Participants:

To participate in Employability Employment Program, men's must be:

  • Between 18 thru 55 years of age (inclusive) at the time of enrollment
  • Completion of Career Development Program or 3 Day Pre-Employment Workshop
  • A U.S citizen, permanent resident, or person on whom have validated resident within homeless shelter
  • Validated driver license or state I.D with social security card
  • Veteran's only copy DD214

The NHR "3 Day Pre-Employment Workshop, Career Development Program with the Employability Employment Program" has a curriculum's that impact the soft skills requested those voices. The interactive course help those engaged in the program to discover their potential skill sets and attributes need to gain employment.

Eligible Costs:

No cost to the individuals participating in the programs. All participants must completed the initial intake/ assessment process and enrolled in the "Desirable Change Program".