Nehemiah House of Refuge (NHR), men's clothing program promotes the economic independence for disadvantage males who are underserved, homeless, veterans and ex-offenders by providing them with a network of support. We also offer access to Ohio Benefit Bank (OBB), mentoring, career development and professional attire to help men succeed in the workplace and other life environments.

How can disadvantaged job seekers take advantage of clothing programs?

Enroll in the program and complete the initial intake process or enroll in our partnering/non-partnering agencies workforce readiness program.

Who is eligible to participate?

Must be a male between 18-55 years of age and currently enrolled in workforce readiness program at organizations such as: homeless shelters, welfare-to-work job training centers and job training programs for ex-offenders, veterans and recovering substance abusers.

How do you making arrangements?

All clients must notify their job coach, case manager or advisor to schedule appointment with NHR. All documents must be sent three days prior to fitting. Partnering agencies must schedule clients on the week assigned.

Requirements for Nehemiah House clients only:

  1. Enroll and complete training program
  2. Letter to validate employment interview
  3. Approval from authorized personnel

Requirements from supporting agencies:

  1. Referral Letter from partnering agencies
  2. Certificate of completion of Workforce Readiness Program (WRP)
  3. D/L or State ID, State of Ohio only
  4. Letter to validate employment interview