Brother's of Nehemiah

 NHR "Men's Focus Group" provide a range of sessions for men who want to enhance their relationship with their partners, childen, mates and co-workers or simply look at their lives differently. These sessions include maximum manhood, workforce environment, recidivism behavior and building a positive relationship.

1.) To share, teach, and demonstrate the Principles of over coming set backs and become positive role models within their family and the community.

2.) To change the mind set on how men think and view what is observed. Enables men to have vision, dreams. and become productive contributing cirizens in the community.

3.) To break any deformed concepts and distorted images that lead to deviant behaviors.

4.) Our success is defined when men achieve goals and have the ability to mentor others.


 Please review our calander tab for updates, session dates and addidtional information.

Our dicussions/topics wil challenges men to get engaged and find positive and creative ways to deal with their problems. The one overriding goals to help men explore ways to move forward in their lives with enhanced self-awareness, emotional strength and wisdom. Group topics include: 1.) Peer friendships, 2.) Intimate relationships, 3.) Work & Career issues, 4.) Family dynamics, 5.) Sexuality, 6.) Transitions in life, 7.) Personal growth, and 8.) Trading anger or impulsivity for confidence and strength.


The "Men's Focus Group" offer men optimism that has already been identified as at-risk, an opportuntiy to share with others and discuss array of topics to help ocercome lives barriers. The propuse of the group is to allow men in confidentiality, the freedom to explore issues related to physical, mental and emotional behaviors which unfortunately, can lead to destruction. However, it's our belief that having the support from other men and sharing experiences, greatly aids and assists with guidance and the making of positive changes to their lives.

What We Do: 1.) Provide information and referral services that allow men to advocate for themselves, develop problem solving skills and community connections. Through self-advocacy, men obtain needed resources and information to improve the quality of their lives. 2.) Provide community education, advocacy and outreach for men to help them meet their basic needs. 3.) Provide advocacy for social/economic changes that will bring quality and accessible training to all me. 4.) Empower men to become self-sufficient.

 For men to understand the truth about themselves and to begin to live that truth. Brother's of Nehemiah (NHR) offer a range of sessions to equip, educate and empower men how to faces their past, present and future barriers. We both believe for men to understand the truth about themselves, he must first identify the root cause of dysfunction. Then he will begin to understand his purpose, role, and responsiblty as a man created by the Creater.

REMEMBER! "Stand for one, Believe in one, and Reach one"